Supplier B2B offers some of the highest quality studio quality exercise and yoga mats on the market. In addition to an assortment of popular stock thicknesses and sizes, we have the ability to customize packaging, colors, and complete design of our products. Our most popular sizes include: 24”x68” 3mm and 4mm Thick mats as well as 24”x72”x6mm Studio Piloga Mats. All of our mats are Latex free and made with eco smart materials. Our mats are very popular in Studios, Schools, as well as for promotional needs.

Materials Used: Clean PVC, TPE, Cork, 6P.
Sizes: 24”x68”x3mm, 24”x68”x4mm, 24”x72”x6mm, 24”x72”x7mm.
Cases: 12 units.
Colors Available: Blue, Purple, Black, Teal, Sky Blue, (Custom Colors).


Fitness Mats - supplier b2b


Supplier B2B offers some of the most popular studio quality yoga blocks around. Made out of extra dense EVA foam, our blocks will hold up for years without ware and tear. Our high quality blocks come in 9”x6”x4” and 9”x6”x3” sizes and are available in: Green, Black, Purple, and Blue. Custom colors and packaging are available in this line.

Materials Used: EVA Foam.
Sizes: 9”x6”x3” and 9”x6”x4”.
Cases: 50 units.
Colors Available: Black, Blue, Purple, Olive Green.


Yoga Blocks - supplier b2b


Supplier B2B offers bolsters designed for Physical Therapy, Yoga, as well as relaxation. Designed with a Removable Canvas cover, double stitched durable zippers, and filled with cotton batting, our bolsters are made for long term and constant use.

Materials Used: Cotton Canvas Cover (Removable) with Cotton batting in liner.
Sizes: Round (29” x 10”) Rectangular (24”x6”x12”).
Cases: Blue (Round) Purple (Rectangular), Custom Available.
Cases: 2 units.


Yoga Bolters - supplier b2b


Supplier B2B offers a growing line of performance items for the rehabilitation, physical therapy, and total body industries. From our Balance steps to our Wrist Training Bars, we are always adding high quality products that exceed our customer’s expectations. In addition to our accessories, we offer our high performance Rajah Mat which is perfect for advanced training and exercises that need a more premium mat.

Fitness Balls: Offered n 55cm, 65cm and 75cm sizes.
Wrist Training Bars: Offered in 3 different tensions for different needs.
Fitness Wedge: 20”x6”x20” Wedge for stretching.
Case: Vary.
Performance Mats: Our 24”x72”x7mm Rajah Mat is built for high performance, durability, and is value priced to be one of the most cost effective performance mats on the market.
We also stock and convert our Vinyl Nitrate PVC to make some of the world’s best impact matting and exercise equipment mats. Safe for all flooring, these mats are fully customizable in volume and can be made to fit most types of equipment. Our stock mat is made to withstand most home exercise equipment and can be cut to size easily with a sharp blade.
Equipment Mats: Size 36”x78” x3/16” thick.
Material: Dense 18lbs PVC.
Made in the USA.
Custom Matting and densities available in the line.
Pallet: 54 units.


Exercise Performance Items - supplier b2b


Our Studio Quality Cotton Blend Blankets are hand crafted in Mexico and are considered some of the highest quality performance blankets on the market. The custom blend offers a quality prop that will not feel greasy or smelly after use like most others brands and is washable.

Materials Used: Cotton Blend Folded in Bag
Sizes: 54” x 80”.
Cases: 15 units.
Colors Available: Burgundy, Blue, Green, Purple.
Custom Colors and Bulk discounts available.


Fitness Blankets - supplier b2b


Supplier B2B offers a knowledgeable staff that can help customize your fitness product needs. We believe that all inquires should have special consideration given even if it is outside out specialty or minimum order quantities. We can create custom mats, blankets, blocks, as well as packaging for almost all of our lines. Please contact us with your ideas.

Specifications: We can customize all of our products to meet your needs.
Embossing: Available on Mats in volume.
Custom Mat design: Available in all materials, densities and patterns.
Packaging: Inserts, Labels, Barcodes, Bags.
Patents will be protected whether or not we can help you in your design.


Custom fitness Blocks - supplier b2b